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How do I decide where to photograph, what to put in the camera bag, and what about planning?  It's all a huge part of a successful adventure into the world of creating good visual images.  Nothing happens when I sit at home!

Can you name this location?

Rocky Coastal View, Seascape La Jolla CA

Nikon D300, f16 1/60 ISO 100 12-24 lens

History + Tips

I've been passionate about photography for many years, and started taking photos in my early teens.  You know the ones…photos of friends acting silly and treasured family shots on vacations and holidays.  Landscape is my first love, with abstract, architecture, reflections, flora, and urban close behind. 

 "Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I'm going to take tomorrow.  - Imogen Cunningham. 

So true, keep improving and each time you create a new favorite you raise the bar for the photograph you take tomorrow. 

I shot using Canon film cameras for years, various lenses, filters, extension tubes. I've retired the Canon, although I'm still using a Mamiya 645 and have lots of fun with it.  Film is a great learning tool, and taught me to focus on the end result.  It didn't come easy and I still find a challenge in photography every day.  That is what I love about taking photographic images!  +For a change pretend your digital camera is loaded with film. Go out for a photo shoot and don't review your photographs until you get home.  Pretend every photo you take will cost you money to develop.  Slow down, enjoy, take time to make sure you've got it right before you press the shuuter release.  It's a great way to develop a new perspective and head you down the path of producing great images!

+ Join a photography group.  I'm always amazed when I spend time with one of my groups.  The wide variety of images people come away with is wild...WOW, I was there too, why didn't I see that? Join a group it will really move your photography to a new level. + It's so important to view the scene from all angles, turn around and look the other may be very surprised at what you see, and the resulting image.  Try it! 

Another tip,+ look for detail to add interest, and don't forget good lighting, early morning, late afternoon.  Understand the subject of your photograph, know what you want to accomplish before pushing the shutter release.  

Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.  - Henri Cartier-Bresson

What is In my camera bag

Camera: - Today I primarily shoot digital.  Nikon D200 (semi-retired) Nikon D300 - Coming soon Nikon D800, they say it is the beast!  I've been waiting since February for the pre-order to ship!  I hope to see it soon so I can conquer the beast and enjoy capturing some great new photographs.

Lenses: Tokina - 12-24 - Nikkor - Nikkor 28-300 - Nikkor 105 Micro  

Tripod and Monopod: - Manfrotto

Extras: Speedlight, ring flash, assorted filters, cable release, extension tubes, and reflector.  I have several camera backpacks, both large and small.  The small backpack I use for hiking into a location, and the larger one for travel.  A small carry on bag with wheels also works really good and saves your back.  Tuck the small backpack inside and you're ready to go hiking when you arrive.  Works great!

Software:  Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom

Watch for my next update on "Digital Escape - Where is Barb? 

Go out and capture the day!  Take a hike, sit under a tree, jump in a lake....enjoy!


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